Exceptionally excellent work on these Burl and Waterfall Bubinga orders that just came in.  Please thank the production people and remind them that what they do matters and that people notice and appreciate it.

May 2015

The production folks did a great job with that Avodire, and the yield was excellent.  Sure appreciate all of you.

April 2015

Please thank whomever needs for making crotch mahogany today.  It is such a blessing!  I've so very pleased!  You guys have been good to me and my customers!

October 2013

I really appreciate you and the awesome service!  Believe me, it isn't like that with most companies.

September 2012

Spectacular job on the Waterfall Bubinga veneer!  It looks great!  Thanks!"

April 2012

I received my order of 4x8 Red Oak on 10 mil and it was the best looking stuff EVER!  Thank everyone who had a hand in making this veneer for me.  You are a great company to work with.

February 2012

The veneer looks amazing!!  Please tell your plant THANK YOU!!! so very much!

October 2011

Your cherry knocked the socks off of our customer.

November 2010

Please extend a big thank you to all in your facility for the great work done by SR Wood.

October 2010

All of our sheet stock business will be going to SR Wood from now on.

September 2010

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