SR Wood has been making "All Wood Edge" two-ply sheets since 1979.  All wood, all the way to the edge while still being bendable.  A great product for any woodworker who is concerned about the visible edges.

We utilize a whole-piece (no seams) back of similar color to match the architectural grade face.  The glue line serves as a vapor barrier, making a product with no equal in the marketplace.

Applications include millwork, cabinetry, furniture & fixtures, elevators & staircases, and woodworking.

• Whole piece back (no seams)
• Available in vertical and horizontal grain
• Standard thickness of .037" +/- .002"
• Standard sizes of 48" x 96" and 48" x 120"
• Custom widths available up to 60"
• Custom lengths available up to 144"
® Certified by request

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FSC certificate
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