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QuickBand Edgebanding

The perfect edging to complete your wood projects.  We stock a variety of species, widths and backings under our QuickBand program.  Preglued and automatic.  Unfinished and prefinished.  Call now for pricing.


Boards & Panels

SR Wood can provide you with architectural veneered boards and panels.  Custom lay-ups with blueprint match capabilities.  Call to inquire.

Veneer Faces

SR Wood manufactures veneer faces using more than 200 species, all available in custom grades and sizes.  Call us for a quote.

Natural Cork

CraftCork is an eco-friendly material produced from tree bark.  The trees live for 500-800 years, as the bark is peeled away just every 9 years.

CraftCork has unique, natural, beautiful properties that offer limitless possibilities to forward-thinking architects and interior designers. From wallcovering to accent applications, CraftCork makes a statement that shows style.

• Thickness of 1/4" and 1/8" available
• Standard width of 48"
• Continuous length of 30+ yards available

Technical downloads:
LEED contributions
Installation tips

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Wood Wallcovering

Our cloth-backed wood veneer is specifically engineered for use as wood wallcovering, allowing our wood to be applied directly to drywall.  Its physical properties allow you to transform any flat and curved drywall surfaces into architectural wonders.                        

SR Wood's cloth backer is clay-impregnated cotton, allowing for rapidly-renewable designation under LEED.

Applications include wallcovering, ceilings, elevators & staircases, interior design and printing.

• Standard width of 24"
® Certified by request

Technical downloads:
ASTM E-84 fire rating
FSC certificate

LEED contributions:  CraftWood   Friendly Harvest   Bamboo
 How to specify:  CraftWood   Friendly Harvest
 Installation tips:  CraftWood   Friendly Harvest

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Wood Wallcovering Adhesive

We strongly recommend our SR Wood Wallcovering Adhesive on projects involving our wood wallcovering.

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Wood Wallcovering Primer

We strongly recommend our SR Wood Wallcovering Primer on projects involving our wood wallcovering.

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