Our Team

Denetta Ayers
Customer Service

Denetta assists our OEM and millwork customers, making sure that every order is manufactured exactly to specification. Her positive attitude helps make every day "a great day at SR Wood."

Dale Zoll
Customer Service Manager

Dale has shared her heart with SR Wood customers for over thirty years.  In addition to managing our customer service reps, she also oversees our shipping efforts.

Vanessa Sitch
Customer Service

Vanessa is our newest customer service team member, but she has been involved with our manufacturing operations for several years.  She's keen to deal, so ask her if there are any specials that you can add to your stock order.

Nadine Wilkinson

Nadine loves to help and always has the customers’ best interests in mind.  Her attention to detail makes her the perfect link to your custom quote requests.  

Joe McCardell
Sales Manager Wallcoverings

With experience as a wallcovering distributor and as a wood wallcovering product manager, Joe brings plenty of authority and expertise overseeing our wood wallcovering team.  Situated in Baltimore, Joe keeps a watchful eye on all things wallcovering and the Orioles. 

Walt Welder
Architectural and Design Representative

Walt brings his charisma and enthusiasm for wallcovering to work every day.  Prior to joining our A&D team, Walt worked over 20 years as a territory sales rep for wallcovering distributors.  We're excited to add him to our team.

Cheryl Davidson
Accounting Manager

Cheryl does a phenomenal job overseeing our accounting department.  Always busy, she will contact you only when something is urgent, so return her call or email promptly!

Carla Corley
Accounting Specialist

Carla oversees credit issuance, credit status revision, and invoicing on all sales orders.  If you are late on payment, she will use her marathon and triathlon endurance training to chase you down.

Darrin Williams
Veneer Purchasing

Darrin brings years of purchasing and inventory experience to SR Wood. He's extremely selective when inspecting logs and only buys the best of the best for our customers.

Brian Heil

Brian marks the third generation of his family to work at SR Wood. Relying on family veneer knowledge that runs back to 1933, Brian is helping SR Wood move forward to achieve new standards of excellence in the architectural veneer global marketplace.

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