Burls & Crotches

Burl veneers and crotch veneers are the rarest wood veneers available in the market.  Because of their unique qualities, many people consider them to be the most beautiful as well.

Our CraftWood burl and crotch veneers are stunningly gorgeous, providing the highest selection of offerings available.

Featured Burls & Crotches: 
Ash, Olive Burl Mappa Burl
Ash, White Burl Mappa Burl Patchwork
Birch, Karelian Myrtle Burl
Elm, Carpathian Burl Oak Burl
Elm, Carpathian Burl Patchwork Redwood Burl
Imbuya Burl Robel Burl
Madrone Burl Walnut Burl
Mahogany Crotch Walnut Burl Patchwork
Maple Burl Walnut Crotch


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